Can’t stop won’t stop September

Summer is coming to an end and man has it been a long one. I have had so many major changes in my life (some good and bad) in literally every area. And to top it all off Louisiana ended the summer with a major national disaster. Talk about stressful...

But after Ida rolled in and left her destruction, everything came to a halt. Or it felt like it. I was blessed to not lose anything but WiFi; but the city was ravaged and life couldn’t continue as it had before. Businesses were forced to close and emergency rescue and clean up had to be done.

When things change this way I feel like it is an incentive to stop. Stop what I’m doing and pursuing and give up. However, a special T-shirt gifted to me by my parents will forever be my reminder to “can’t stop, won’t stop”.


So it’s only fitting that this September we keep rolling right along. Keep going, even in the midst of destruction, anxiety, stress, rebuilding, and a seeming end to things. I feel like the last time I felt this way was the beginning of the pandemic. When it seemed like all my plans had been ruined and nothing would work out as planned. And it was true. My plans where spat on but not necessarily for the worst.

The pandemic was lemons. Ida was lemons. I’m getting better at making lemonade, lemon pie, lemon cake, lemon everything.


I encourage you to keep going. The plans may change but the goal doesn’t have to. Make an assessment of where you are right now and work with what you have to get the job done.

So even though it’s a bit late in the month... Welcome to September everyone! The show must go on!

. . .

P.S. Hellooooooo College Football Season!

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