True Life : I’m Exhausted


I’m tired yall!

... except a little more than tired

I’m exhausted...

Thank goodness for self awareness so that I recognized my symptoms before things got uncontrollable ... yet they are still very much out of hand

Currently some of my symptoms are that I’m beyond irritable, my brain “just can’t,” and my digestive system hates me, which consequently has caused weight loss and made me very weak.

My interest have waned and I’ve suffered from bouts of hopelessness. Isolation has been a factor but thankfully I have a support system that won’t allow it.

I’m currently attempting to re-establish balance and get back into a healthy routine. However, a near fainting incident during my yoga practice seems to indicate that gentleness with myself is important.

I’m no doctor, so I don’t know everything about my current condition, but avoiding the hospital is definitely one of my goals.

So I’m forced to take some time, do lots of research and whatever else I can to regain my stability, including removing some stressors, changing my diet, prioritizing my self care and attempting to get more sleep (Insomnia is a big factor).

I am definitely far off balance... but as I always say, awareness is key and I have at least done that much.

I guess I share this all to say that mental exhaustion is real. It is cause by prolonged chronic stress. Yes, we all have stress. It is a part of life. However, if you’re hard headed like me, floating along and ignoring your needs because “grind,” “hustle,” and all that jazz, it can become a dangerous thing. Evaluate yourself, check in often and if necessary make changes before you are forced to halt, like me.

Slowing down is killing me and ironically probably causing me more stress. But I‘ve allowed myself to become so ill that my body refuses to keep working with me. So what else can I do besides take the time and the steps to recover.

I believe this platform is an important place to share my story as health and wellness are very important to me and why I created this blog in the first place. If my experience is relatable, can provide helpful information or release a stigma, I feel I’ve accomplished my mission.

So maybe this is helpful to you or maybe you have your own other opinions and this isn’t for you at all. But here it is available to anyone who may need it.

- Xoxo -

Jovontee 💕

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